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So with the new series of Ashes to Ashes being out, I'm getting back into Life on Mars (not that I was ever out though!) and I'm constantly looking for throw backs in the series.

I noticed that the theme that played when Annie and Sam got close in Life on Mars played when Alex was talking to Gene...which is actually the main theme to Life on Mars.

There are other things I'd say but I think it's best to keep them to [community profile] ashestoashes.

So I'm going to make some icons to share and such. If anyone has anything they want to share feel free to post! I may do fiction prompts for those who need a bit of inspiration to post fiction. :)
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So I'm not sure how many fans of Life on Mars are currently on Dreamwidth, but welcome to the community to all those that join!

Please take your time to read the community info page, there's just a few guidelines and some helpful bits for fanfiction writers who wish to post.

Also, please excuse the non-Life on Mars-y layout, I will be changing the header soon. :D

Enjoy your stay!
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[community profile] merlin - for the British TV series, Merlin.
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